be succeed?

“Man shabara, zhafira”, he who is patient will be fortune. Don’t worry about today’s suffering, just live on and see what will happen next. Because what we aim for is not for now but there’s something greater and more for principle, to be a man who found his mission in life.

The mission in question is when you do something positive of high quality and at the same time enjoy the process. If you feel good about doing something with minimal effort, maybe that is your God-given mission in life. Look for your own missions. Perhaps your mission is to learn Al-Qur’an, perhaps to write, perhaps to be a scientist, perhaps to be a doctor, or perhaps to be anything at all. Find it and hopefully you all will become happy people.

Do you know what makes successful people different than ordinary people? According to a book I’m reading, there are two things most important in preparing yourself for success. One is going the extra mile. Never settle for average. If other people study for an hour, study for five. If others runs two kilometers, run three. If people give up in 10 seconds, don’t give up until 20. Always try to be more than ordinary. Therefore, let us make going extra mile part of our culture, and give more initiative, time, effort, determination, and so on than others. Then you will be successful, insyaa Allah.

Another recipe is to never let yourself be influenced by elements outside of yourself. By anyone, anything, or any atmosphere. Meaning, don’t be sad, angry, or disappointed because of external factors. You are the ones with power over yourselves, so don’t give that power to others. Someone may hold a gun, but you have a choice, most deeply inside, and it has nothing to do with outside influence.

Don’t let anything destroy your mental state. Don’t let yourselves become upset and angry, that only wastes energy. Face it gracefully and learn from it. In fact, you can even laugh. It’s just temporary disruption. So choose your mood in even the most messed-up situation. Because you are the master and rulers of your own hearts. And the heart that can always be controlled by its owner is a heart of successful person.

And at the time, make a commitment to yourself. Whatever happens, even the sky falling, do not let youselves shake your resolve and dreams. I want to find the mission of my life that’s been provided by God, so do you all.

I wrote an exclamation points to confirm this commitment, and I wrote my prayer to start it. Slowly, the heavy burden on my heart was lifted, my chest opened up and my lips smiled victoriously. A full moon hung in the sky. Blades of silver rays snuck in through the window and landed in rows beside my thin bed.
Keep your dreams lead your own paths of life, do not let anything block your way to achieve what you aims for.
Tangerang, January 14th, 2012
In my cold cozy room.

3 komentar:

  1. kembali mengingatkan saya...
    Tulisan ini cukup bernas!!!
    syukron jzk,.

  2. kembali mengingatkan saya...
    Tulisan ini cukup bernas!!!
    syukron jzk,.

  3. set your strong intention, work hard, and pray.
    slowly but surely, what you strive for will come to be.
    this is God's law.
    "And ask for help (to Allah) with patience and prayer..." [2:45]

    btw bernas itu apa ya mbak?!
    *nggak mudeng*


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